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Expert Tips

Top Tips for Buying Property in Canada

Canada is one of the highest ranked countries in the world based on the quality of life it offers and is hugely popular with UK expats. There are many things to keep in mind when purchasing property in Canada and having all the information in advance allows you to make the process as smooth as […]


All packed up

When planning a relocation to Canada, it is important to pack carefully. Consider your shipping options, as well as how many possessions you plan to bring. Will you bring the entire contents of your house – furniture, garden supplies and the kitchen sink? Or will you only be bringing personal effects, like books, bedding, and […]


Top ten must-dos before getting on the plane

Stepping onto the plane to your new life in Canada should be the final step in your pre-departure planning. Here’s what you should do before getting onto the runway. Find a job  Securing a job before you land in Canada ensures a much smoother arrival and will help you to be granted a Canadian visa. […]


How to move your funds abroad

If the migration to Canada is ‘all systems go’ then you need to start thinking about how you get your life’s savings , changed into Canadian Dollars and moved across to Canada. The obvious route would be to call your bank and ask them to send the money. That would certainly result in a transfer […]


How to pack like a pro

In case nobody’s mentioned it yet, you’ll get here by plane, but your stuff comes by boat. That takes about 8 weeks, maybe more. So you’ll be glamping for a while until your kitchen whizz clears customs. Here are some ideas to transform the act of packing from pain to pleasure: Don’t do it. You […]