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City Guide


The province of Saskatchewan is in the heart of Canada and it is becoming known more and more as a land of living skies and a great place to live, work and play. If seeing is believing then you simply have to see Saskatchewan to understand our connection to the land. Otherwise, you won’t believe […]


Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is the smallest of all Canadian provinces, consisting of only 5,683.56 square kilometres and 122,000 residents. The province is located north of the Nova Scotia peninsula and east of New Brunswick. The province’s capital is the city of Charlottetown. There are other urban areas, namely Cornwall and Stratford, as well as a […]


Newfoundland & Labrador

The province of Newfoundland & Labrador lies on the Atlantic coast side of the country, being its easternmost province. The province has two main parts: Newfoundland, an island off the eastern coast, and Labrador, located on the mainland, northwest from the island. The two are separated by the Strait of Belle Isle. In total, over […]



Yukon is the most north-western territory in Canada, and the smallest. It’s known for having the largest mountain in Canada – Mount Logan – which is also the second largest in North America behind Mount McKinley just miles away in Alaska. Yukon borders Alaska on the western border, British Columbia on the southern border, and […]


The French Quebec

Québec’s official language is French. While many people, especially around Québec City and Montreal, speak English as well, French is still good to know as you move away from the major cities. In fact, the provincial government has official regulations to limit the use of English, in some cases, as an attempt to preserve their […]



Ontario is the largest province in Canada by population, and the second largest, behind Québec, in total area. Ontario gets its name from Lake Ontario, which is derived from the Huron word meaning great lake. Ontario borders most of the great lakes to the south, and Québec and Manitoba on the east and west, respectively. […]



The territory of Nunavut is Canada’s largest in terms of land mass, and the smallest in terms of population. The land stretches over northern Canada, and is about one-fifth the overall size of the country. Where is everybody?  Nunavut’s population rests at approximately 31,152, which makes it one of the most scarcely populated areas in […]


Nova Scotia

Situated on the Atlantic Ocean, Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s maritime provinces. While the sea is of great importance to the province, it is not the whole story. To get a better understanding of this wonderful province, one must first know a bit about the different cultures that have called Nova Scotia home. History  Nova […]


New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of Canada’s three maritime provinces. Like most provinces in Canada, the languages spoken in New Brunswick are English and French; however, it is the only province that is constitutionally bilingual. The capital of New Brunswick is Fredericton, and it has a population of 751,527, with the majority (64%) speaking English and about […]


British Columbia

British Columbia: Canada’s charming province  The province of British Columbia lies on the Pacific coast of Canada and is bordered by Alaska to the northwest. The region’s weather is among the most moderate in all of Canada. The winters tend to be short and mild while the summers can be warm and dry. But what really defines British […]