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Opportunity Alberta 

In 2012, over 5,000 new immigrants and temporary foreign workers from the United Kingdom and Ireland came to Alberta, Canada. Today, newcomers make up a large part of Alberta’s growing population of over four million people. The province’s strong economy, high standard of living and diverse culture continue to make Alberta the destination of choice for people who are considering moving to Canada.

Economic Advantages 

Alberta has one of the strongest economies in North America, making it a great place to find a job, whether you’re seeking temporary work or permanent immigration. Alberta’s resource-based economy offers great employment opportunities for skilled and semi-skilled workers in many sectors of the economy. Albertans enjoy some of the highest incomes and lowest taxes in Canada.

High Standard of Living 

Alberta offers a high standard of living, low taxes, publicly funded healthcare and world-class education. Alberta also offers a wide variety of urban and rural lifestyle choices. From the bustling and diverse metropolitan cities of Edmonton and Calgary, to charming towns and farming communities throughout the province, Alberta is dynamic and filled with opportunity no matter where you settle.

Recreation Abounds 

The sunniest climate in Canada, breathtaking natural landscapes and rich cultural attractions, provide Albertans with opportunities to enjoy a variety of sports, recreational and cultural activities all year round. And when you want to get away, Alberta’s excellent transportation systems and world-class airports will help you stay connected to the rest of Canada and the world.



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