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Currency Transfers: Can you make your New Zealand dollars go further?

Whatever your reasons for needing to money transfer New Zealand, you really could make it go further with the right support.

Looking into your options and using the right currency transfer provider for your requirements could help you save time and money.

How? By ensuring you benefit from:

Excellent exchange rates – Currency exchange specialists tend to offer more competitive exchange rates than most banks, and even a small difference in the exchange rate can mean a big difference to your bank balance.

Fast, free transfers – Most banks charge you when you move funds abroad, but some leading foreign currency providers work on a totally fee-free basis. This can result in significant savings – particularly if you’re making regular transfers over the course of the year.

Expert Insight – Banks are rarely able to offer the same level of insight you can expect to receive from a dedicated currency exchange provider. As the currency market can be extremely volatile, having the support of industry experts with specialist knowledge of exchange rate trends and transfer options can prove invaluable.

Specialist Services – Currency exchange specialists often offer a range of useful transfer services, like Forward Contracts and Regular Overseas Payments accounts. Forward contracts allow you to fix an exchange rate up to two years in advance so are great if you need to budget for a future transfer, while ROPs accounts ensure your regular currency transfers are made automatically on a date of your choosing at a competitive exchange rate – helping you save time and money.

Moving money overseas shouldn’t be complicated, it should be straightforward and cost effective – and with the help of a currency exchange expert it can be exactly that.

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