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Bay of Plenty

The beautiful Bay Of Plenty, forming the bowl-shaped print so prominent on New Zealand’s North Island, spreads out from Coromandel Peninsula in the west to Cape Runaway in the east. Named for the famous explorer James Cook in 1769, after he anchored the Endeavour in a fine bay ‘full of villages and plantations’ and that he was indeed situated in a ‘bay of plenty.’ Almost two-hundred-and-fifty years later, The Bay Of Plenty continues to astound and enrapture all comers to its verdant shores, offering a vibrant year-round culture that includes fine dining, especially with regards to fresh seafood, outstanding beaches that attracts water sports enthusiasts from all areas, and an explosive extreme activities scene – that’s not to mention the active volcano that form the centre point to the Bay.


Beach culture features heavily in the Bay Of Plenty, with miles of spectacular coastline stretching across its length. Travellers and day-trippers have long been attracted to the pale sand, rolling waves and calming sea breezes floating across the dunes make for an idyllic setting.

The sunny climate and easy-going atmosphere of the Bay Of Plenty lends itself well to quality dining and good cuisine. Because of the wide agricultural base in the Bay Of Plenty, expect fine, fresh food from both land and sea, and sample some of the finest wines in New Zealand.

The Bay Of Plenty remains steeped in Maori culture and tradition, so take your time in exploring the history of the indigenous people of this land – be it taking in their local food, discovering the mystery behind the arts and crafts, or simply immersing yourself in enriching Maori culture.

Our famous fruit, the kiwi, is grown extensively in the Bay Of Plenty. In fact, over seventy-five percent of the exported kiwi grown in New Zealand comes from the Bay Of Plenty. So, of course, horticulture and agriculture thrive here.


Renting or buying, house or apartment, the Bay Of Plenty offers many options in the housing market. Be it a beachfront villa or urban dwelling space, you’ll find the perfect base for you and your family here.

Public Transport

The Bay Of Plenty is well served by public transport. Two airports are situated within the Bay – Tauranga Airport and Rotorua International Airport.Tauranga Airport offers domestic flights to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Rotorua International Airport offers greater options, offering direct flights between Sydney and Rotorua on Tuesdays and Saturdays, adding a further flight on Thursdays between the busier Christmas period throughout December and January. The Bay Of Plenty also boasts a comprehensive bus network, with several operators offering useful routes throughout both the urban and rural areas, scenic tours and practical services from various places of interest.

Alternatively, the Bay Of Plenty offers a fully-developed rail network around the urban areas and the countryside. You’ll be able to catch the sights in the comfort of a train without the hassles and stresses of car travel. Ease the strain, take a train, you be able to see it all, even in the rain.


The Bay Of Plenty boasts some of the finest weather in New Zealand. It is famous for its clear blue skies, beautiful, near-constant sunshine and warm climate. In the Summer, which arrives in December and lasts until February, temperatures can hit the heights of thirty-two degrees Celsius and will only fall to twelve degrees minimum in Winter, throughout June to August.


Please take time to read this information regarding health care in New Zealand, which is standardised throughout the country.

Schools and Education

As with the rest of New Zealand, the Bay Of Plenty has public primary, intermediate and high schools, providing free compulsory education for children aged between five and seventeen years. Primary schools tend to be mixed-sexes, whereas for secondary schooling, all-boy or all-girls options are available. Find out about the New Zealand schooling system


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