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Business across New Zealand


With 1.5 million people, Auckland is by far the largest city. That means it’s got the most professional services, infrastructure, support services – and consumers with an appetite to spend. Auckland’s especially strong on ICT, food and beverage, and high-value manufacturing.


Waikato, just south of Auckland, is the driving force behind New Zealand’s leading-edge reputation for innovation in dairy farming. The main centre – Hamilton – has a strong secondary industry in agricultural services, supplying everything from traditional and hi-tech farming equipment to scientific consultants and business support.


On the West Coast of the central North Island, Taranaki has a thriving oil and gas extraction industry, and a dairy sector which rivals Waikato’s

Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay

On the east coast of the central North Island, Bay of Plenty and Hawkes Bay enjoy a sheltered, temperate climate. This supports flourishing, diverse agriculture, including livestock, dairy, orchards and wine. Tauranga in Bay of Plenty is also the country’s largest port, in terms of total cargo volume.


The world’s southernmost (and funkiest) capital city hosts a thriving government sector. In addition to the parliamentarians, there are opportunities in a wide range of professional and technical services supporting diverse governmental functions, from technology, to advertising to technology, and more. There are also opportunities for companies supplying outsourced Government services.

Marlborough and Tasman

The local sub-climate in the north of the South Island lends itself to rich farming and horticulture. Livestock, dairy, fruit and wine all thrive in this warm, coastal region.


Since a series of earthquakes struck between 2010 and 2011, construction tends to dominate more-or-less everything to do with business.

However, Christchurch also has a diverse and thriving business community in its own right. This includes a strong agricultural service industry, and – as the unofficial capital of the South Island – it’s also got it’s fair share of manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.

Otago, Southland and Fiordland

Otago is one of the world’s great adventure and eco-tourist destinations, boasting superb mountains, lakes, rivers and forests. With strong tourist numbers and a sparse local population, this region has real investment opportunities in hospitality and tourism


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