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Overseas Moving Guide

MoveList is for people who are ready to live in New Zealand, Australia or Canada. You’ve organised a visa, found a job, and know where you’re going. All that’s left is the ever-so-slightly gigantic task of making the overseas move.

It’s the beginning that’s hardest. How do you get started with shipping companies? How can you tell if a bank’s any good or not, on the far side of the world? Does your existing pension plan work in a new country? Many people are better off starting a new one. How do you find out?

MoveList gives a rapid-fire boost to your search for these answers. You simply register your name and contacts one time on our secure system, indicate the services you’re shopping, and within 24 hours receive options from three of the best providers in each category.

Some will get in touch with a clear quote. Others may require additional information in order to do that. But in all cases, you know that you’ll be dealing with reputable, best-practice companies that we’ve tested and approved.

We get that your needs might change. That’s ok. It’s super easy to come back and add new or different categories. There is no registration, no usernames and no passwords to wrangle.

The main thing you’ll save is time. Think about it. You might need a dozen different services to help you move (e.g. shipping, housing, currency, pets …). For each service, you need at least three quotes. Each quote requires you to search the category and define a short list. That’s at least 36 enquiries you have to make before you even know if a company meets your most basic needs.

MoveList reduces all that to a 60-second exercise. You enter your name and contact and let us do the rest. Within 24 hours you’ll have up to three high quality, reliable options for each type of service.

Sure, anyone can do a Google search. But what do the results really tell you about those companies? All our MoveList partners are thoroughly and individually appraised by our team. And our team knows what works: practically all of us have moved country.

Lastly, if you’re not yet ready to move find overseas jobs on the Working In job boards Working in Australia (AU), Working in New Zealand (NZ) and Working in Canada (CA).

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