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Western Australia

Western Australia (WA) consistently ranks as one of the most popular locations in the world for quality of life which makes it a popular destination for migrants. It is the unique blend of a safe, secure way of life and a clean spacious environment combined with economic living costs that makes Western Australia a highly attractive location.

Western Australia has outstanding education and recreational facilities and excellent health and transport services. The world-class cultural facilities and theatres of the capital city, Perth, are home to the state’s nationally acclaimed symphony orchestra and ballet, modern dance, opera and theatre companies. Sports and leisure facilities are first class and with more hours of sunshine than any other Australian capital city, there is plenty of time to enjoy outdoor activities.

Perth is just a small part of the vast state. You would cover more than 2400km if you travelled the state from north to south and you would see the countryside change from the red rugged terrain of the north to the cool green forests of the south-west.

Around 30% of the state’s population was born overseas, and this multicultural mix is reflected by its diversity, heritage and social harmony. Taken together, all these qualities make Western Australia a great place to live and work.


It’s diverse and internationally competitive economy has assisted Western Australia in leading the nation in economic growth, productivity, investments and exports for the past decade. These factors, along with a low unemployment rate, have helped various industries generate a wide range of job opportunities in the metropolitan and regional areas of Western Australia.

Key Industry sectors 

Western Australia has a million-strong workforce with levels of education and technical skills amongst the highest in the world. Western Australian-based businesses are exporting their expertise in health, education, building & construction, communications, tourism and resources engineering.

Educational choices 

There are five universities and more than 1000 schools and colleges in Western Australia. Many schools provide specialty programmes such as music, sport and vocational training. The state’s education system is recognised worldwide, attracting more than 20,000 foreign students per year.

Recreation and leisure 

Perth city, with its magnificent Swan River and nestled beneath Kings Park (a 400ha, 988 acre botanical showcase) provides facilities on its doorstep for its population to swim, sail, water ski, fish, cycle, walk and run.

Snapshot of Western Australia 

  • Western Australians enjoy a strong, safe, multicultural and multi-denominational community
  • High-quality healthcare is delivered through public and private hospitals and specialist support services
  • Sport plays an important role in the Western Australian way of life, with first class facilities provided
  • There are five universities and more than 1000 schools and colleges in Western Australia, including coeducational and single-gender schools

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