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Where can you stay in New Zealand when you first land?

One of the first questions that you will want to answer when moving to a new country is “where am I going to live?” Away from the comforts of home, having a warm, safe and supportive environment is key to settling in and finding your feet.

This is especially true in New Zealand where the country is moving through a period of competitive home renting and buying. According to the New Zealand Property Report published by, November property prices were up 0.6 per cent on October, while new listings increased 3 percent. In essence, it is a good time to interested in property, but for those unfamiliar with the local real estate systems, the competitiveness may leave you without somewhere to call home.

The New Zealand housing market is continuing to grow.The New Zealand housing market is continuing to grow.

Additionally, you won’t want to be negotiating various property documents such as mortgages, rental agreements, or vendor negotiations without doing a little research on the topics first. If you have just landed in the country and are suffering from jetlag, the last thing that you want to be doing is reading the fine print of a property contract!

With the New Zealand property market so hot at the moment, it might be a good time to consider short-term housing options.

Why short-term housing?

It is important to note that short-term housing means just that – short. It won’t be your home in New Zealand forever, but can provide a base to live at while you sort everything out. Whether you are searching for that perfect job, opening a bank account or just waiting for your container to arrive, you will have a place guaranteed.

This can certainly take some of the stress out of moving and allow you to concentrate on getting your new life started. Of course, accommodation is important, but is much easier to finalise once everything else is in place. So, what type of accommodation is available?

Serviced apartments to short-term house rental

Enjoy a serviced apartment when you first arrive in NZ.Enjoy a serviced apartment when you first arrive in NZ.

At the end of the day, your choice in short-to-medium term accommodation will come down to a number of different factors. These may include how many people need to be housed, your destination in New Zealand or what type of work you are planning to do. There is no point finding an apartment if you are a family of five or want a large backyard – so locating the right type of accommodation is key.

As a result, you should consider serviced apartments in the city if you need easy access for work, or perhaps an affordable house rental in the suburbs if you want the kids to become settled at their new school. Having trouble making this decision? This is where the team at MoveList can help.

MoveList – your expert moving team

If you are concerned about moving to another country and not having anywhere suitable to stay, it is best to talk to the expert team at MoveList. Before you arrive in New Zealand, we can put you in touch with three separate accommodation providers who will analyse your situation and a tailor a base to your requirements.

It doesn’t matter whether you coming to New Zealand on your own or with your family, you can trust that our accommodation providers will find the perfect short-term option. Once you are settled, you can look for a more permanent location where you can become immersed in everything New Zealand.

At MoveList, we want to make your transition to New Zealand as simple as possible and that starts with roof over your head. For more information about short-term housing options, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team today.


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