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The province of Saskatchewan is in the heart of Canada and it is becoming known more and more as a land of living skies and a great place to live, work and play. If seeing is believing then you simply have to see Saskatchewan to understand our connection to the land.

Otherwise, you won’t believe the expanse of the land, or the feeling of serenity that the constant, distant horizon brings to your soul. You won’t believe the size of the endless sky overhead, or the vibrant colours that fill it at sunrise, sunset or midnight. And, you won’t believe the diversity, energy and enthusiasm that exist in our cities and urban centres.

You won’t believe the down-to-earth, welcoming nature of the people you’ll meet, or the range of cultures and experiences that have come together to create this unique and spirited society.And unless you see it, you won’t believe Saskatchewan’s north: tens of thousands of lakes and rivers teeming with fish and ready to be explored; enormous forest wilderness areas with abundant wildlife and breathtaking, ever-changing scenery; a place where you can seek out your own special corner of the world, and feel the sense of peace that comes when you know in your heart that you’ve found it.We have a unique mix of people, cultures and geography providing a rich past, vibrant present and an optimistic future.

Among many other things, Saskatchewan has:

  • wide open spaces
  • recreational opportunities
  • a maximum commute time of 20 minutes in our largest urban centers
  • two international universities
  • a K=12 inclusive school system
  • a vibrant arts and culture scene



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