Accommodation options in Canada

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Find your feet quickly with a good base in Canada

It’s common sense we know,  but try to organise some short-term house rental before you arrive in Canada. That way you’ll have a temporary base to research your options for somewhere to rent or buy.

MoveList puts you in touch with a set of three house rental Canada providers that can help you set up a base when you first touch down.

There is a good range of options with short-to-medium term accommodation, from serviced apartments to short-term house rental. While some of this is geared towards the tourist market, there are some surprisingly good deals available. And of course, some of them are truly beautiful places!

Flexibility is key. You don’t want to be dealing with mortgages, rental agreements, or vendor negotiations while you’re still shaking off your jetlag. Much better to have a simple and flexible check-in, check-out arrangement till you can sort out the big picture.

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