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Regardless of why you’re coming to New Zealand, chances are, you’re going to need a visa (and if you’ve already got one, congrats!). And ­since you won’t be allowed in without it ­ it’s worth doing it well.

And to do it well, it’s worth getting help. Visa bureaucracy is notoriously complex, bureaucratic and time­ wasting. With an accredited advisor, your visa application will be faster, more accurate, and more likely to succeed. It’s worth it just for the time you’ll save.

MoveList visa partners are all licensed with the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority. That means they’ve satisfied the Government that they know the law inside and out, they understand and practice ethical migration, and they’ve got transparent lines of accountability.

Your visa application is too important to get wrong. So let MoveList put you in touch with a good agent and together you can start figuring out which visa is best for you, and what you’ll have to do to get it.


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